Wednesday, 28 December 2016

The hidden force of current international uneasiness (Ramon Blanco, Al Jazeera)

Trump era heightens Asia-Pacific's tripwires (J Berkshire Miller, Al Jazeera)

What went wrong? A withering West (Marwan Bishara, Al Jazeera)

What should Palestinians expect from 2017? (Daoud Kuttab, Al Jazeera)

The Plant-Based Solution to Hunger (Barbara Unmüßig, Project-Syndicate)

Will Europe Let Germany Lead? (Marcel Fratzscher, Project-Syndicate)

The Age of Incompetence (J. Bradford DeLong, Project-Syndicate)

How Dr. Strangelove Learned to Love Trump (Dominique Moisi, Project-Syndicate)

India, Chronicle of a conflict foretold (Pradip Phanjoubam, The Hindu, South Asia Monitor)

Pakistan. Zardari's new gimmick (Zahid Hussain, Dawn, South Asia Monitor)

An Afghanistan conferences without Afghanistan (Shamil Shams, DW, South Asia Monitor)

Governance that inspires hope (Rajeev Ahuja, The Pioneer, South Asia Monitor)

In the eye of a cyclone (Sucharita Mukherjeet, Business Line, South Asia Monitor)

Anthem: Play, rewind (Sugata Bose, The Indian Express, South Asia Monitor)

For informal workers, notebandi equals paisabandi (Mukta Naik, Eesha Kunduri & Manish, The Tribune, South Asia Monitor)

Afghanistan, India, and Trump, The Hindu, December 28, 2016 (Regional) (Rakesh Sood, The Hindu, South Asia Monitor)

Europe on the edge (Hasan Suroor, The Tribune, South Asia Monitor)

Fighting for legitimate rights (Mohit Kandhar, The Pioneer, South Asia Monitor)

Behind Pakistan’s CPEC offer (The Hindu, South Asia Monitor)

A decade later: Nepal stitches ‘Peace’ on a torn ‘Democracy’ (Sourina Bej, South Asia Monitor)

The Interpreter's best of 2016: The UN secretary-general race (The Interpreter)

Friday, 23 December 2016

Ten of Top Twenty Emergency Aid Recipients are African States (John Campbell, Council on Foreign Relations)

Podcast: In China, What’s New and What’s Old? (Elizabeth C. Economy, Council on Foreign Relations)

The President's Inbox: Energy and Climate Change (Council on Foreign Relations)

Who’s Who in Syria’s Civil War (Zachary Laub, Council on Foreign Relations)

Henry Kissinger and Cheng Li express cautious optimism about U.S.-China relations in the Trump-Xi era (Ryan McElveen, Brookings)

Why cities matter in an age of accelerations (Amy Liu, Brookings)

Risk weights or leverage ratio? We need both (Aaron Klein, Brookings)

Early childhood investments are vital (Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach, Ryan Nunn, Lauren Bauer, Brookings)

How trade, investment, and cooperation between Japan and Latin America and the Caribbean can inspire our future trade relationship with Asia (Antoni Estevadeordal, Brookings)

10 things we learned at Brookings in 2016 (Fred Dews, Brookings)

Figures of the week: Trends in sub-Saharan African debt and equity flows (Amy Copley, Brookings)

With Republicans in charge, 2017 could finally bring big changes in tax policy (William G. Gale, Aaron Krupkin, Brookings)

Africa’s mixed political transitions in the 3 Gs: Gabon, the Gambia, and Ghana (Vera Songwe, Brookings)

The Donald and nukes, again (Steven Pifer, Brookings)

No sign of a sea change for Myanmar’s foreign policy (Dai Yonghong, Zhang Guoxuan, Sichuan University, East Asia Forum)

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Bangladesh. Economic Goals: Surpassing China! (M A Taslim, BD News 24, South Asia Monitor)

Privatization in Nepal: Government’s role (Rahul Shah, The Himalayan Times, South Asia Monitor)

Pakistan. The five-thousand rupee question (Khurram Hussain, Dawn, South Asia Monitor)

Afghanistan. Grinding poverty (Afghanistan Times, South Asia Monitor)

A year of living dangerously (Happymon Jacob, The Hindu, South Asia Monitor)

Sri Lanka’s economy marches slowly into 2017 (Dushni Weerakoon, East Asia Forum)

Does the French Socialist Primary Matter? (Hugo Drochon, Project-Syndicate)

Sex, Lies, and Leadership (Lucy P. Marcus, Project-Syndicate)

Greece’s Perpetual Crisis (Yanis Varoufakis, Project-Syndicate)

The Year That Ended an Epoch? (Javier Solana, Project-Syndicate)

The Coming Brexit Tragedy (Mark Leonard, Project-Syndicate)

Sustainability in the Trump Era (Bo Lidegaard, Project-Syndicate)

Theresa May’s Brexit Problem (Jacek Rostowski, Project-Syndicate)

Global firms: Insights for trade and trade policy (Andrew Bernard, J. Bradford Jensen, Stephen Redding, Peter Schott, VOX)

Spanish economic growth in the long run: What historical national accounts show (Leandro Prados de la Escosura, VOX)

Macroeconomics and consumption: Why central bank models failed and how to repair them (John Muellbauer, VOX)

Challenges in UK’s Interactions with the (Persian) Gulf Cooperation Council (Hossein Kebriaeizadeh, Iran Review)

Regime change for Iran? (Mark Fitzpatrick, IISS)

Illicit drug sales in the deep web don’t really make trading safer (Isabel Pereira, openDemocracy)

The Court of Justice of the European Union has ruled against the UK government, but will they listen? (Nik Williams, openDemocracy)

Ourmine hacked the Netflix’s US Twitter account (Pierluigi Paganini, Security Affairs)

Aleppans to Idlib: Out of the frying pan into the fire (Sultan Barakat, Sansom Milton, Al Jazeera)

Turkey is the canary in the coal mine, forecasting whether the west-led liberal order has a future (Observer Research Foundation)

Dealing with violent civil protests in India (Observer Research Foundation)

Building cyber security capacity of Indian law enforcement agencies (Observer Research Foundation)

A reluctant digital power emerges from the shadows (Observer Research Foundation)

Fiscal love for a sullen electorate (Observer Research Foundation)

A Pathway to Shutting Down the Federal Housing Finance Enterprises (John Ligon, The Heritage Foundation)

Supreme Court’s Samsung v. Apple Decision and the Status of Design Patents (Alden Abbott, The Heritage Foundation)

Behold the Left's Manufactured Hysteria About GOP Obstruction of Judicial Nominees (Hans A. von Spakovsky, The Heritage Foundation)

Five Myths About Welfare and Child Poverty (Robert Rector, Rachel Sheffield, The Heritage Foundation)

Economic Freedom: The Only Way for Latin America to Escape Its Slow-Growth Path (James M. Roberts, Sergio Daga, The Heritage Foundation)

Bill of Rights at 225: The Very Successful Third Amendment (Hans A. von Spakovsky, The Heritage Foundation)

Fourth Circuit Upholds Virginia’s Voter-ID Law (Hans A. von Spakovsky, The Heritage Foundation)

The U.S. Continues to Face Cyber Threats in 2016 (Riley Walters, The Heritage Foundation)

Six Recommendations for the CHOICE Act 2.0 (Norbert J. Michel, Ph.D., The Heritage Foundation)

Reducing Federal Intervention in Education and Moving Toward Student-Centered Policies: 10 Steps for the Incoming Administration (Lindsey Burke, The Heritage Foundation)

Iran Concessions Would Erode Anti-Money Laundering Standards (Annie Fixler, Foundation for Defense of Democracies)

One way to push back in Syria? Target Iranian airlines (Emanuele Ottolenghi, The Hill, Foundation for Defense of Democracies)

How Barack is like Ike (Clifford D. May, Foundation for Defense of Democracies)

Envoy’s Murder Exposes Turkey-Russia Fault Lines (Merve Tahiroglu, Foundation for Defense of Democracies)

Pick for Basij Chief is Versed in Repression (Behnam Ben Taleblu, Amir Toumaj, Fondation for Defense of Democracies)

Turkey’s Dubious Case against a U.S. Pastor (Aykan Erdemir, Foundation for Defense of Democracies)

Trump Wants to Shake Up the World Order? Here’s Where He Should Start (Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, Jonathan Schanzer, Politico, Foundation For Defense of Democracies)

The sorrow and the pity in Syria (Clifford D. May, The Washington Times, Foundation for Defense of Democracies)

14-15 December 2016: 8th Equal@work seminar: Integrating refugees in the workforce (European Network Against Racism)

Managing religious diversity in the workplace: a good practice guide (European Network Against Racism)

European Parliament adopts new Rules of Procedure strengthening hate speech sanctions (European Network Against Racism)

President Trump, Europe and the Iran Deal (Carlo Trezza, European Leadership Network)

NTI Report: Rising Nuclear Dangers (European Leadership Network)

France, the UK and the Treaty to Ban Nuclear Weapons (Paul Quilès, Bernard Norlain, European Leadership Network)

Arms control in Russia–West relations: learning from the experience of the first Cold War (Maxim Starchak, European Leadership Network)

The UK, France and the Challenge of Brexit to European Security (Joseph Dobbs, European Leadership Network)

Moscow, Ankara Downplay Envoy's Killing, Pledge Continued Cooperation (Radio Free Europe, European Leadership Network)

U.S. sanctions companies, people over Russia actions in Ukraine (Reuters, European Leadership Network)

Uzbekistan: Officials Strive to Ease Hassles for Tourists (EurasiaNet)

An envoy, an assassin and a mystery in the heart of Ankara (Asli Aydıntaşbaş, ECFR)

Yemen’s Forgotten War: How Europe Can Lay the Foundations for Peace (Adam Baron, ECFR)

How Donald Trump may renegotiate the TPP (Harsha V. Singh, The E15 Initiative)

Implications of the U.S. Election on Prospects for Peace (Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame)

The ANC’s Next Party Leader and the Next South African Chief of State (John Campbell, Council on Foreign Relations)

Takeaways From a Trip to the National Security Agency (Adam Segal, Council on Foreign Relations)

Abe and Obama: Reconciliation and the Rebalance (Sheila A. Smith, Council on Foreign Relations)

Duterte’s year of living dangerously (Ronald D. Holmes, East Asia Forum)